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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Curly Scarf

Good Wednesday morning, friends,

The fall chill has arrived in our neck of the woods, and with it, my desire to get back into one of my favorite cold weather hobbies: crocheting.

Now, I am no crochet expert, but I love to crochet the simple things like scarves, blankets, etc.

Last year, I made this curly scarf. It's such an easy pattern! My hubby got the beautiful yarn for me at Hobby Lobby. If you look closely, you can see the glitter thread in it. 

My hubby also got several other lovely colors, so I had to choose which color to use for my next scarf.

*Drum Roll*

I decided on red. And, when I am feeling extra co-ordinated (lol), I will be reading one of my favorite missionary books while I am stitching...

 Happy stitching, everyone!
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"She... worketh willingly with her hands." ~ Proverbs 31:13b


  1. Lisa, that is a super cute scarf...I don't do much crocheting these days, although my AnnaLynn does. Would you mind sharing where you found the pattern? We are reading a variety of novels this year for our American lit class, but on my nightstand is Father Ten Boom by his daughter Corrie. I'm also reading through Missionary Stories with the Millers (I think that's the title). Anyway, I'm inspired and humbled by the work God has done in building His kingdom around the globe! Happy Wednesday to you and yours! xo Lisa :)

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I don't remember where I got the pattern as it is handwritten on a piece of paper in my crochet bag. Sorry I can't provide the source, but I will post the pattern tomorrow for you.
      Missionary stories are one of my favorite reads. :)
      Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of the week!

  2. Neat looking scarf! It looks like that can be an addicting pattern.

    1. Hi Donna,
      It is definitely an addicting pattern; I plan on making several this winter. :)
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Lisa, I enjoy so much visiting your blog! I need to learn all over again how to crochet as it has been many years! I see you are also enjoying my favorite book! Love Darlene rose, and I benefit so much from re-reads...it keeps my focus in the right place!
    God bless you and your family richly in Jesus!

    1. Hello, dear Jacqueline,
      My apologies for responding so late to this comment - I never got an email notification about it! *sigh*
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words. Yes, re-reading a good book is like revisiting an old friend. This book has always been a tremendous encouragement to me; I will never tire of it, I'm sure.
      May the Lord richly bless you and yours!


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