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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Modesty by Elisabeth Elliot

From Elisabeth Elliot:

"Let’s think first what immodesty says about us women before we talk about what its effects may be upon others. What are your Christian standards? Do you seek to be noticed, to make a splash when you come into a room? Or do you seek to be simple, humble, gentle and quiet in spirit and not wearing the very latest fashions nor looking frumpy by wearing something that’s way out of date. We do have to conform to a certain degree, but there are always classic clothes. Those are the ones that I try to stick with because they last for many years. I have a suit now that I think is 17 years old and I just wore it about a week ago. I wear things, which are tailored and simple and classic.

But we’re talking about these low-cut dresses, sleeveless blouses, see-through blouses and the slit skirts. The Bible says that we’re supposed to shine as lights in the world. Christ lives in me. Does that make any visible differences? Will it correct my thinking? Do I pray that God will purify my desires?

 Prostitutes dress obviously, so as to draw attention. It’s their business, isn’t it? The last thing that a Christian woman is thinking of is being like a prostitute.Does a man’s thought life have a problem? Well, of course. But here is some very frank talk from two different men in two different places, and it’s not by any means the only letters that I’ve had from them. It is a very difficult and a very delicate question. As both of these men recognized, it is their job to stop looking. Don’t look the women up and down. Don’t fall for the types who are dressing like prostitutes. But is it right for us women to be thoughtless in these areas? Is there an earnestness about pleasing the Lord? Have we taken His yoke? Are we learning from Him? Are we gentle and humble in heart? Are we walking worthy of the Lord, looking and acting and speaking differently from the Lord?

What would the Lord have you do? Look like a frump or look like the vanguard of the fashion magazines? Flashy or sober? Are you pregnant? Are you overweight? Do you try to dress in such a way as to minimize those things? Are you too old for short skirts? I see a lot of women as I travel around who I would certainly say are too old to be wearing those short skirts. And if you’re 16 years old, how short a skirt can you wear if you want to be responsible before God in the presence of young men?

Neat or messy? Wildly and deliberately messy? I see some hair-dos, which I think of as wildly and deliberately messy. Feminine? There are many ways of drawing attention to yourself without your once thinking about it. Think. Ask the Lord’s guidance. We older women must be willing to take the risk of making someone angry and speaking to her about the way she is dressing. We have to take responsibility. It is our fault that we have not been teaching younger women modesty."


  1. Amen to that! And the woman in the above picture is just so beautiful, and all covered up. I just can't understand some womens' fashion now days. Older women out together -- all falling out of their clothes. And still others wearing pajama bottoms out in public like they were cute or something -- it looks rediculous. And then there are those that wear tights like they are pants...and mothers that let their teen daughters wear such clothes. It seems like the world is becoming more and more brazen all the time. very sad.
    Love to you my friend. ♥

    1. So true, Jane. And speaking of wearing tights as pants, my children and I were running errands last week, and saw a young woman walking down the street. I had to do a double-take. She was wearing tights - and NO pants - just a shirt..and a short-waisted shirt at that. It is very sad.
      Thanks for stopping by, my friend.
      Hope you're having a lovely week. :)

  2. She says this all SO perfect!!! Modest, yet NOT frumpy is something that is important too! A sloppy servant of Christ isn't a great testimonial (nor is a provocative one, of course). Much discernment should be made and prayer will help to guide those who truly want to be a light. Thank you for posting this! I LOVE IT!!!

    1. Most people think modest=frumpy, don't they? I have the opposite to be true. I can dress modestly and beautifully at the same time. :)
      So glad you stopped by, my friend!
      Blessings to you!

  3. What a beautiful blog and posting on modesty. I like what someone said about modesty...the 3 L's---Loose, Layer, and Long.

    Through my shop I've met so many women across the country that are interested in modesty, they've been a real inspiration in my life.

    God bless you real well.
    Is it ok if I pin your article? I have section on modesty here....

    1. Hello Jane,
      I love the 3 L's - what a great reference point! :)
      And help yourself to this article..thanks for sharing. :)
      Blessings in Christ,


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