"....Your children shall be like olive plants all around your table." Psalm 128:3

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Queen of the Home {12}

" I am not here to serve myself.
I am not here to be lauded, petted, admired, or "affirmed".
I am here to build men, cultures, and kingdoms.
When I find myself in the midst of difficulties and pain,
will I persevere, or will I become a coward and pity myself?
We do not have time for self-pity!
We have much to do and the hour is late!
We need a broader vision of home than just ourselves as
wives and mothers, sisters and daughters.
We nee to understand that we are at work to build Christ's kingdom - for eternity!
It isn't just about children who sit politely at the supper table 
and stand obediently with mama at the grocery store.
It isn't just about homes that sparkle with cleanliness.
It isn't just about spouses who love one another
and present  a glorious picture of Christ and His bride, the Church,
although these are certainly important.
It is all these things coming together to build a culture.
Do we have a vision for this, 
or is our focus on the dirty dishes
and unfolded laundry of life?"
~ Women of Vision by Jenny Chancey