"....Your children shall be like olive plants all around your table." Psalm 128:3

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One of Those Days

 We have placed an emphasis on character training since the beginning of our homeshool journey years ago. Unkind words and actions are watched for and addressed as consistently as possible.

Our children are not allowed to be rude to one another. My husband and I try to be good role models for our children. We have tons of books containing character-building stories.

So with all this preparation, why do my children still struggle with relational problems?

Yesterday was one of those days. The bickering and arguing started early in the morning. The bad attitudes started the day off on the wrong foot and soon all of the children were grouching at one another.

It was contagious: I became grumpy and discouraged....wondering if it was my fault.
Am I being consistent enough? Or  was I a bad example in dealing with Mimi about making her bed? Or was I too harsh with Aaron about doing his morning chores? I was wondering if maybe I am doing this all wrong.

But while out on my daily walk, the Lord reminded me that it's not my fault.  Part of the problem is the sin nature that our children are equipped with as they leave the womb. (Eccl. 7:20)

And  we all struggle with the "desires of the flesh" that cause us to respond in wrong ways. Children - and adults - have relational issues throughout life that must be addressed with godly character training.

So what about the discouragement that this situation can bring? Having your children with you all the time can put a magnifying glass to these issues, and it's easy to get discouraged.  But I have been discouraged by things other than the character training of my children. ..strained relationships with a family member, or the actions of a friend. The list of discouragements is endless.

So discouragement doesn't come because we are homeschooling; it comes as a part of life.  What we do about it will affect how well we deal with the more challenging times.

Do I humble myself and cast my cares on the Lord?  Do I really believe He cares for me?

"Casting all your cares on Him, for He cares for you."  -  1 Peter 5:7

Have a blessed day, friends!

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