"....Your children shall be like olive plants all around your table." Psalm 128:3

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lovin' It!

Hi friends,

Well,  we're not too far into our Ambleside journey, but even at this early stage, I can tell my children are loving it!  There is alot of reading, but since my children are voracious readers anyway, I've not heard one complaint.  :)

So our days are very busy right now, but I hope to post about our first weeks of school very soon.

Until then, I'll leave you with a quote from Barb, a Charlotte Mason blogger, at Harmony Art Mom....

"When you take the boring textbooks and worksheets and fear of multiple choice exams out of the environment, filling the home with interesting books with living ideas and having face to face discussions, there is an eagerness to learn. There are no boundaries. They don't have to wait until next year to learn about geometry because we are too busy trudging through the algebra book. We have room in our day to answer questions to satisfaction, even to encourage more questions. Things become so intertwined that we don't see where our school day begins or ends. It is just parents and kids, books and ideas, learning and living."