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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wednesdays With Words - Miss Mason Saves the Day!

It Wednesdays with Words time once again, friends,
albeit a day late.   :)

I have almost completed Volume 1 of the 6-volume Charlotte Mason series. I have been finding so many wonderful things in this volume, and I have been taking plenty of notes along the way.

A few months ago, when Mimi began cursive writing lessons, she was writing one Scripture passage or one stanza of poetry per day and she stressed about getting every little detail about the letters perfect. She is a perfectionist, but it was making her handwriting practice far too stressful. It was also making for a very long lesson.

Interestingly enough,  about that same time, I came across this quote from Miss Mason regarding handwriting lessons:

"...let the children accomplish  something perfectly in every lesson -  a stroke, a pothook, a letter. Let the writing lesson be short; it should not last more than five or ten minutes." ~ Volume 1 pg. 233

Aha! I immediately knew that I had found the answer to the problem.
So I took Miss Mason's advice: I shortened Mimi's lessons by requiring only one Scripture verse (or one line of poetry) per day, and we worked on improving smaller portions of her writing instead of large passages. Things immediately changed - for the good. She began enjoying her lessons and her handwriting improved by leaps and bounds.

Once again, Miss Mason saves the day.  :)

Sharing, as always, with Dawn.