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Friday, July 1, 2016

Tweaking AO, A Blogging Break, and the July FOTM

Happy July, friends!

I hope you having a lovely summer so far.  :)

As you have probably noticed, I am not blogging much these days. We are busy, busy..but enjoying these long summer days.

This month will be a month of decision making for me about tweaking AO.. I have posted about it before, but there is still more tweaking to be done.  It's the schedule; with 5 different children in 5 different levels of the curriculum, keeping with all of the narrations, and plethora of the other things on the AO schedules, it is simply overwhelming. And stressful. And not very enjoyable. For any of us. We will definitely continue to implement the CM philosophy in our home education, but that philosophy is not exclusively found in the AO curriculum, obviously.

So the tweaking begins...will I combine more things to do with all of the children?

Will I substitute some books for others on the schedule?

Will I  completely ditch the AO schedules and booklists altogether and go back to doing school the way we did in the early days of our CM journey? 

Time will tell.

So while I am deciding what to do about the upcoming school year, I will be absent for a while. I hope to be back sometime later next month and let you know what I decided to do.

Until then....

The July Flexi of the Month is Stars!