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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Keeping Company - My Nature Journal

Since getting back into Keeping, I have been sketching more in my Nature journal. And I have found that it's so relaxing! Before, it was done just to "get it done". But now, I am doing it for the pure enjoyment of it.  :) One of my favorite things to sketch is birds, mainly because we did alot of bird-watching last winter.

With the severe winter we had, we didn't get out much for Nature hikes. So we set up a bird-watching area in the dining room, complete with binoculars, our bird field guide, and our (brand new) bird list.
 Next we sprinkled bird seed on our deck table. Then, the birds descended.  :)  It was wonderful to sit at the dining room table while doing school lessons and watch the birds just outside the window. The pages of our bird list filled up fast.
We saw Dark-eyed Juncos, House Sparrows, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Purple Finches,  House Finches, Chickadees, Song Sparrows, and many other species, even a Tufted Titmouse or two.

 Now, for this month's optional prompt at Celeste's , she is asking for a peek into Moms' Nature journals. 

So I am sharing what I have sketched in my journal the past several months. Not all entries are birds, but I find birds to be the easiest subjects to sketch. 

A cardinal.. ( I might add some background to this; it looks a little blah.)
We saw a Hairy Woodpecker in the trees behind our house. He was such fun to sketch!  :)

A Black-capped Chickadee.

And now for some signs of Spring.

I don't consider myself an artsy person, and sketching doesn't come easy for me. But I am learning -  and loving it. And I am blessed with an artsy hubby who gives me lots of encouragement. He sketches everything from Bible stories to things he comes up with on his own.
Here is a peek at what his sketching looks like.

Looking forward to seeing what other Moms will be sharing this month.  :)

P. S. My apologies for the out of line photos. Blogger was not being very co-operative today.  :/