"....Your children shall be like olive plants all around your table." Psalm 128:3

Monday, February 16, 2015

Baby Goats Are On The Way!

Hi friends,

Almost two years ago when we first got our goats, we looked forward to not only having a constant supply of goat milk, but also breeding them and having baby goats.

The first year we bred them (fall of 2013),  we used a buck named Raj. The breeding was successful: 5 months later, we got 2 baby boys from Fiona. And we got 2 baby boys from Helena.

When breeding time rolled around last October, we decided to use a Saanen buck. Saanens are known for their high milk production, and we would like a couple of Toggenberg/Saanen mix females to add to our little herd.

Enter Snowflake...
our breeder's Saanen buck. He is not nearly as big as Raj was, but regardless of his size, he did the job. (And he didn't stink nearly as much as Raj!) Well, I should say he half-way did the job. The vet came out last week and did an ultrasound on Helena and Fiona. Helena is pregnant; Fiona is not.

So we are waiting for Helena's big day, which should be sometime during the week of March 18-25.
And she is apparently getting a good laugh from keeping us in suspense about how many babies she will have.  ;)

Will we get the little females that we are hoping for? Time will tell. My children are hopeful: they are picking out goat names.  :)

 Stay tuned!