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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Learning by Hand - A Flexi Clip Tree

Hi friends,

My last handicraft post showed the Flexi Rack that my hubby and sons made for me. ( Did I mention that I love that rack!)

I also included several quotes from Charlotte Mason about handicrafts. And there was one in particular that was one of my favorites: that the children "not be employed in making futilities such as pea and stick work, and the like." In other words, handicrafts should be all about making something useful. I love that!

So, after seeing the rack, my girls wanted a rack or some such thingie on which to hang to hang their Lilla Rose hair accessories.

Once again, hubby and boys set to work. (In reality, the boys did 99% of the work; hubby supervised.) It took all of 2 hours to make what he called a Flexi Tree for the girls - a quick and easy handicraft....and a very useful one, at that.

And, once again, I have no instructions since hubby does all the figuring in his head, being the master carpenter that he is. ;) But it was simple project...a wooden heart base, a few dowel rods, some glue and a little paint.

Here is a photo of the Flexi Tree, complete with some of the girls' hair accessories hanging on it.

He also made sure the top dowel rod was long enough for them to stack their rings on it. He thinks of everything.  :)

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