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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY Hair Sticks

If you missed it, my first post about making my own hair jewelry is here.   My latest project has been attempting to make hair sticks.

Here are the needed supplies (all from Wal Mart)...
a bag of corn skewers,

not sure what these little do-hickeys are called, but I found them in the beads/crafts section..

assorted beads and charms.....

and some craft paint and glue.

First, I asked my hubby to drill a small hole through the end of the corn skewer, like this...
...and he also drilled a hole directly into the end of some of the skewers (sorry, no photo for that one).

Then I painted the skewers different colors - 2 of every color. It will probably take 2 coats of paint.

Next, I  chose color co-ordinating beads for each pair of sticks.

For the black sticks, I put the beads on the do-hickey and put them into the holes drilled into the ends of the sticks  (I used a few drops of contact cement to hold them in place), like this..

I did the red ones the same way..

The pink, purple, and silver ones had the holes in the side of the stick, so I threaded the beads onto the do-hickey, put it through the hole, and wrapped the excess wire around the stick and secured it with a drop of glue, like this..

Here are some close-ups so you see more detail...

As you can see in the above photo, I threaded more beads on the excess wire before wrapping it around the stick. Then I secured it with a drop of glue.

And I made a red pair of sticks, too...
These were made with beads strung on wire, wrapped a couple of time around the stick, and secured with glue.

These hair sticks were made at a fraction of the cost of the ones I have seen online. And there were so much fun to make!  As you can see, my girls love wearing them...

I hope this gives you some ideas for making your own hair jewelry.

Have a blessed day, friends!

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  1. Dear Lisa,

    What a fabulous idea! And so affordable! Thank you for sharing this tutorial...you should think about making some to sell!

    Sweet blessings,

  2. How lovely! They turned out so sweet! I've always admired hair pieces like this, but I never buy them :) Thanks for sharing your project...I would love to try this out with my daughter :)

  3. cool idea, you can also sand chop sticks :) I use to make my own knitting needles from chop sticks LOL ,
    to make them slide in hair a little easier try putting clear nail polish on them :)

  4. Very cute! My AnnaLynn would love a set of these; would make a terrific project. I do wonder how the hole was drilled into the end -- that's a tiny hole! Thanks for sharing!

    Lisa :)

    1. Lisa,
      My hubby is a carpenter, so he has plenty of tools. He used his smallest drill bit for these holes. :)

  5. very nice :) Especially when you have long hair...


  6. What a wonderful idea! I've often looked at the daunting prices of handmade hair sticks on etsy - this is great - especially for my post-baby-hair-loss! THank-You!

  7. wow!! this is such an awesome idea!

  8. Great blog! I just signed up to follow. I love your hair jewelry posts. My 10 year old daughter has made a few quilts and is really into sewing crafts. It's great to see another young girl with similar interests.

    We really like AO and looking at your blog it seems like it would be a great fit for you too. I have links to a few other Charlotte Mason websites on the right-hand side of my blog if you're interested.

  9. What a great tutorial! These would make great gifts, too! Thanks!!!

  10. These are so cute. I think we can make them, too. I like the black ones best!

  11. I admire your homemaking and mothering skills and think your girls are so blessed to have such a talented Mommy! When we can get a sewing machine, I'm aching to make a quilt with my girls. Loved that post, too. You bless me so, Lisa!

    1. Thanks for the sweet words, Christine. And I am so blessed to be able to stop and "visit" with you. :) I added your blog on my sidebar to share with others.

  12. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! (I do love comments.) :) This is a great tutorial. Alison wears hair sticks almost every day -- the same pair, which were a gift from a friend. It will be fun to make her some for a special occasion... or just because I love her. :)
    I'm now following you, too!

  13. Thanks for stopping by and following me, Sally! Have fun making the hair sticks! :) (And I love comments, too. :))


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