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Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

We had a busy week this week, in -and out of - school.

Here's what we were up to...

Monday: our typical day with the usual lessons. We started studying the life of William Shakespeare and the children loved it!  :)

Tuesday:  our "fun"day with Nature journaling, music study, composer study, and Art appreciation (we are studying Michelangelo). We also went to chess club with our local homeschool group..

After the chess matches were  finished, we made some oobleck to demonstrate how  this substance has the properties of a solid and a liquid.  All the children loved this - even if it was  messy!  Come to think of it,  maybe that's why they liked it!  :)
If you've never  made oobleck, here's the recipe:  1 1/2 c. cornstarch, 1 c. water, food coloring (optional).
Here's how Asher's turned out..nice and very green!

On Wednesday,  we had our lessons, then we ate lunch. After lunch, we headed outside to prep the garden for planting peas.  We finished just in time because it rained on Thursday.

Since it  rained most of the day on Thursday, so we did our lessons at a leisurely pace. Mimi was very excited to realize that she only has one more week of reading lessons!  :)

Friday:  We had a "condensed" day of school today so that the boys could go with hubby to cut firewood and the girls and I could run errands and do grocery shopping.

I hope your week was blessed!

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  1. What a lovely week! I'm rejoicing with you.


  2. Sounds like a perfect week. We have to do lots of wood chopping ourselves, so I "get" the condensed school days. :)

    Have a great weekend!

    Lisa :)

  3. nice post...Thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more...blessings soraya


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