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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Natty's First Quilt

For Natty's 8th birthday in November, her Sunday school teacher gave her a gift that was perfect for a budding seamstress : a package of beautiful quilting material.

Natty was so excited and could hardly wait to get started. She decided  to make a quilt for her doll.  :)

So she started cutting the squares (with a little help from Mom)....

 Then she sewed the squares together....

Next, she measured the batting to the front and back of the quilt....

After trimming the batting, she sewed the borders....

And finally, a quilting stitch along the seams for the finishing touch....

 The back of the quilt.....

And the front....

                                            It turned out beautifully!!

And last but certainly not least, I'm including a photo of Mimi, who, in the midst of all the quilting, just had to take a turn on Natty's sewing machine.  And she did really well!  :)

We had so much fun together. And we made memories. Memories that will hopefully last a lifetime.
Memories that will be recalled every time Natty looks at her quilt.  :)

"..she.. works willingly with her hands."  Proverbs 31:13

Have a blessed day,  friends!

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  1. Oh Lisa...how lovely! Especially since she seems to truly enjoy the art of sewing :-) The quilt is just so pretty.


  2. Hi! I'm stopping from Time-Warp Wife! What a great quilt! I wish I had learned to sew when I was a little girl, it's only now, as a young wife that I've taught myself how. I'm just quilting a baby quilt and I love that feeling of quilting! What a great gift you've given your daughter!

  3. What a wonderful experience for your daughter! I can just tell from the pictures that she loves what she's doing. And the finished product is adorable.

  4. Your daughter did a wonderful job on her first quilt! It looks very colorful and feminine. If she keeps-up these good skills, she shall become a find seamstress in no time. :)

  5. Wow! I've not sewn a quilt myself (yet...). I'm inspired and will have to add sewing a (small) quilt to my 2012 goals list. :) Thanks so much for sharing. Blessings, ~Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley

  6. Lisa, I was so sad to read of the arthritis and lupus! I am praying for another homeschooling mom who is showing the beginning signs of RA. I will include your needs as well now. It will be a privilege to pray for you! I can't imagine dealing with that level of pain so often, on top of homeschooling demands.

    I am very fearful of the drugs my 3-year-old is on and the effects they might have in her body. I pray so often for protection for her. In the 1950's 50% of JRA kids went blind. Now it is 12% or less. So the new treatments are a blessing for the most part.

    In the end it is all a reliance on God...that he will make any outcome something we can manage, find blessing in, and bless others through.

    My heart goes out to you!

  7. How sweet! Nattie's quilt turned out beautifully! I am anxious to start sewing with my daughter, too. :) Blessings, Collette

  8. That is beautiful! She did a great job!

  9. nice post thanks for sharing...God bless you...

  10. I am so impressed! That is certainly something for your daughter to take pride in: being able to make something with her own two hands. Good for her! And good for you for teaching her how!

  11. Hi, first visit:). What a clever daughter you have. I love the colours she has selected. I have added to my 2012 projects "how to make a basic quilt", I'm sure your daughter could teach me a thing or two!

  12. Hi Lisa, what an absolutely gorgeous quilt. Thank you so much for coming by my blog, I was excited to have a new follower for the new year. Look forward to getting to know you here in blog land. (-:

  13. BEAUTIFUL, and such a big project at such an early age. So impressive! May she use her talents always for the Glory of God...I wish her much success as a budding seamstress. ♥

  14. nice post...thanks for sharing...blessings soraya

  15. Very lovely job! Such talent at such a young age. I too thank you for your kind words and will add you to my sidebar.

  16. I love your blog Lisa! Thank you for adding me to your blogroll. I have added you to my blog too.

    I'm really impressed with your daughters quilt! Well done!

  17. Thank you for joining in the Sewing Bee Link-up! Your daughter did such a great job ;)
    Hope to see you next week at the Sewing Bee!

  18. What a lovely quilt. I remember my mom showing me how to sew and what lovely memories that was. I pray you have many more chances to keep making memories together making things together.

    Ohh btw Maria is here... http://amomentinmyday.wordpress.com/

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  19. I think Natty's quilt is just so special!! She is very talented...it is just this kind of allowing them to experiment that makes them want to do more. It reminds me in color and size to our daughter Rebecca's first one. I love your posts!!

  20. That is so exciting! She did a great job! My 6-year-old daughter's b-day is coming up. She already enjoys sewing (both by hand and by machine with my help.) So we bought her a couple of sewing books for kids, her very own sewing kit, and some fabric. I know she will be delighted when she opens it! I love to see young girls learning and practicing domestic skills!


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