"....Your children shall be like olive plants all around your table." Psalm 128:3

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, November 7, 2011.....

Outside my window....it's cold, but the sunny is coming up and it promises to be a beautiful day.

I am thinking....about how much I love having a woodstove on chilly mornings.

I am thankful....for this time of year. The leaves are beautiful.

From the learning rooms....lots of fun is in store for today: read alouds, recitations, nature journals, a science experiment, studying the first article of the Constitution, and we continue our study of Leonardo da Vinci.

In the kitchen....homemade biscuits and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

I am wearing....a blue skirt and a white top.

I am creating....crocheting skirts for my girls.

I am wondering....what to fix for supper tonight.

I am going...nowhere today, but to the polls tomorrow. The children consider it a field trip.  :)

I am reading.... (other than the Bible) Johnny Tremain. Actually, I'm reading it aloud to the children, but I like to read ahead a little bit.

I am hoping....to get alot of cleaning done today.

I am looking forward to.... Aaron's 11th birthday on Thursday.

I am hearing....Kim, our cat, purring beside me.

Around the house....our deck chair cushions and umbrella needs to be brought in for the winter.

I am pondering....how much I love the time I have with my children.

One of my favorite things....curling up in front of the woodstove with a good book.

A few plans for the rest of the week....Aaron's birthday bash, and a Chronicles of Narnia
play at our local library.

Here's a picture I'm sharing.......

On Saturday, we made apple butter with my parents, brother, sister,  and extended family. What a great day! Doesn't it look delicious?

Have a blessed day,

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  1. Oh Lisa, I would love to see a picture of your wood stove! It is a dream of ours to one day have one. : ) It seems so ideal!

    That apple butter looks delicious! How fun! A truly enjoyable way to spend time with family. : )


  2. Thanks for sharing! The apple butter looks delicious. Maybe you could share the recipe sometime?

  3. Wow - would have love to have been at your house for breakfast, eating biscuits and eggs by the woodstove (with apple butter on the biscuits, of course! ;)

  4. Thank you for looking at my blog. I am looking forward to getting to "know" you through blogging. I love making apple butter. It always makes our house smell so good. We are thinking about getting a wood stove too.

  5. Can you share the skirt pattern that you are crocheting for your girls? It sounds so interesting and something that can be done while I am at the hospital :)


  6. Dear Lisa,

    Thanks so much for introducing yourself and your sweet comment on my blog! I'm so pleased you stopped by. Your blog is lovely ~ so much encouragement to be found here! It appears we have much in common. =) I added your blog to my "Friends" tab and your cute button too. I can't wait to read a bit more around here! I also see that two of my favorite blogging friends left comments above ~ Jillian and Tracey ~ so I'm guessing we are kindred spirits indeed! Always a joy to be connected to sisters in Christ in creative ways!

    Your homeschool curriculum sounds fun. I love how voting is a field trip ~ yes, we do this too. That apple butter looks scrumptious. How fun it must be to make it that way!

    Blessings to you and your olive plants, :)

  7. Oh man that apple butter looks DELICIOUS!!! YUM!! Thank you so much for coming my blog and becoming a follower - I have returned the favor and am now following your blog and am very excited about it :-)!

    God Bless!


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