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Monday, October 8, 2012

Homemade Applesauce

Last week, some friends of ours who own an apple orchard gave us a huge box of apples. I immediately thought, "Homemade applesauce!" But as thankful as I was for the free food, I was not looking forward to peeling and slicing all those apples by hand.

That is, until Ian reminded me that we could use our Pampered Chef apple peeler/ corer/slicer. How could I have forgotten about that??

So we got it out, attached it to the counter, and got busy. It took 3 days (2 hours each day) to do all the apples. But the children had a blast cranking the "apple machine".  :)  Each one had to have a go at it...

I love the way the "machine" slices the apples....

After the apples were peeled,cored, and sliced, we put them into the pot  to simmer for about an hour. I added a little bit of sugar. And to 2 of the batches, I added some cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves..and did it ever smell good!  :)

Then, I put the hot apples into jars, adjusted lids and rings, then processed them in a hot water bath.
And here's the finished product..
A total of 10 quarts. I'm sure it will taste good on a cold winter day.  :)

Here are the specifics of the recipe that I used:

Wash, stem, peel, and slice apples.
Cook until soft in a covered saucepot with just enough water to prevent sticking.
Add sugar/spices to taste.
Use a big wooden spoon to mash the apples as desired. (I left ours a little chunky.)
Put apples in clean, hot jars, leaving 1/2-in. headspace.
Remove air bubbles.
Adjust caps and rings.
Process in hot water bath for 20 minutes.

"Keep my commandments and live,
And keep my law as the apple of your eye." ~ Proverbs 7:2 

Have wonderful Monday, friends!

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  1. I have to begin to this...applesauce is a favorite here in the cottage :)

    1. It's a fave here, too, Maria. :)
      Hope you're having a lovely week so far.

  2. This fruit looks so yummy! and those children are beautiful :) and yes I love how the machine sliced it.
    well, I never knew about applesauce, this is my first time to see in this blog haha but it looks so good.


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Devalina.
      Hope you're having a wonderful week.
      Many blessings!

  3. I just discovered your blog, beautiful place.

    Just to let you know the next time that all you have to do is wash your apples and chunk them! Yes, the Victoria strainer will separate all the peelings after they are cooked!

    1. Thanks so much for the tip, Jem...and for stopping by. :)

  4. Lovely tutorial, Lisa. What is a Victoria strainer? Is that something that comes with the Pampered Chef product? Thank you!

    1. Christine,
      The Victorio strainers are supposed to be excellent strainers/sauce makers. But they aren't included with the Pampered Chef products. Our applesauce turned out chunkier than store-bought applesauce. But we're fine with the texture. So I didn't bother to use a strainer.
      Hope you're having a blessed week, my friend. :)

  5. Oh, I love homemade applesauce. I made a single batch, which was devoured quickly. I also love your "machine". That would make the job fun!

    1. Ours is disappearing quickly too, Jen. :)
      Hope you're having a lovely week. :)

  6. Hi Lisa, We've used the Pampered Chef apple/peeler/corer for years too & I do like you do and remove the peels first. So Yummy!!! It looks like you are set for winter. Yes, it's a chore and you have to get to it right away before the apples turn too soft for the "apple machine". :) What cute kiddos! ♥

    1. Jane,
      My oldest daughter and I made homemade applesauce years ago, and we did all the peeling and slicing by hand. What a work-out! I'm so thankful for the apple machine, because this time, it was actually fun. :)
      So glad you dropped by for a visit today. :)

    2. I just had to add something funny to that...we grow a lot of carrots & most of it I slice & freeze. Well, for years, I have been slicing them by hand & making my fingers orange; finally it just dawned on me a couple of years ago that I do have a food processor that can do all that...I couldn't belive my stupidity. Hahaha.

    3. Lol, Jane. And I would still be peeling and slicing apples if Ian wouldn't have reminded me about our apple machine. :)


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